Streamlining Total Care Exceptions

Community Care Licensing recently updated their policy on total care exceptions for residents receiving hospice services.  The new policy streamlines the exception process by allowing providers to submit two (of three) required elements in advance as part of a “total care plan” addendum to their hospice waiver.

Click here to read CCL’s new policy in the RCFE Evaluator Manual.

4 Responses to “Streamlining Total Care Exceptions”

  1. I currently own/operate two RCFEs w/ approved Dementia/Hospice Waiver on file. If in 2008, C&CG assisted in the the application process with just the hospice waiver portion of the app, is it safe to assume that it addressed the exception for total care of prohibited health conditions, which includes conditions as specified 87616?

  2. Hello Bernadette,

    The new total care exception process started this year, so it would not be in a 2008 application. Give us a call at (800) 321-1727 and we can help you update your hospice waiver.

  3. We are a CCRC licensed as RCFE. We have a Hospice waiver under our license but I want to request a total care exception to go along with the Hospice waiver. What form number is that or is there an official form to process and submit?

  4. Pamela… There is not a standard form. You must follow the guidelines outlined in Section 87632 of the Evaluator Manual.

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