Tuesday Tip: When Should You Update a Physician’s Report?

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Tip: When Should You Update a Physician’s Report?

Having an accurate physician’s report is a critical part of planning resident care.  California RCFE regulations require that you obtain a new physician report:

1. Prior to Admission

Regulation 87458 states that “prior to a person’s acceptance as a resident,” you must obtain and keep on file a medical assessment signed by a physician.”

2. When Required by Licensing

Regulation 87458 also states that licensing can require you to obtain an updated assessment if they have concerns.

3. As Needed

Several regulations, as well as good practice, dictates that you obtain an updated physician report when there is a significant change in condition.

4. Annually If the Resident Has Dementia

Regulation 87705 requires that “each resident with dementia shall have an annual medical assessment…and a reappraisal done at least annually.”

We hope this helps clarify when to update physician reports for your residents.

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Josh Allen, RN

Advanced Healthcare Studies, LLC

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