Tuesday Tip: Employee Workplace Rights Poster

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Tip: Visit the area in your facility where you post required notices. Is your Employee Workplace Rights Poster current? Is there a copy of the current Public Housekeeping IWOC (wage order) for your staff to review. These notices must be posted in an area where employees can regularly review them. If your notices are not current, you can purchase current copies at the California Chamber of Commerce website as well as other sources. Posting these notices is mandatory if you have any employees and is required by Labor Statute, not Title 22 Regulation, and fines can be severe for non-compliance.

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Glen Coulter

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Employee Workplace Rights Poster”

  1. Man, all of these requirements. It is amazing that companies make any money with all the little stuff that they need to pay people to keep up with. Amy

  2. Are RCFE caregivers exempt as stated by the definition of “personal attendant” in wage order 5? I spoke to a woman at the Labor Commissioners Office today and she said that as long as our caregivers are classified as personal attendants, they are exempt. However, my supervisor as well as the 2012 RCFE Admin Cert Prog booklet state that although we are covered under wage order 5, we are not exempt. I am confused :/ Is anyone able to explain why we are exempt or not exempt?
    Thank you so very much!!! 😀

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