Create Your Plate – Meal Planning for Residents with Diabetes

Meal planning is an important part of managing diabetes.  While a number of different diets may be used, one simple approach is the “Create Your Plate” method recommended by the American Diabetes Association.  It is simple and effective, and allows residents to incorporate their favorite foods into meals.

Important: Always follow the diet orders or recommendations from the resident’s physician

The American Diabetes Association recommends following six easy steps to “create your plate”:

  1. Divide your plate into three imaginary sections. One taking up half of the plate and two splitting the remaining half.
  2. Fill the largest section with non-starchy vegetables.
  3. Fill one of the small sections with grains or starchy vegetables.
  4. Put a serving of protein in the other small section.
  5. Add a serving of fruit or dairy.
  6. Add a low-calorie drink, like water or tea.

Visit the American Diabetes Association’s website to learn more, including lists of foods for each section of the plate:

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