5 Holiday Activity Ideas

Christmas is just a few short days away, and helping your residents celebrate the holiday season is an important part of the care and services you provide. So here are a 5 quick holiday activity ideas that you can use to engage your residents and give them opportunities to enjoy the season:

  1. Decorate holiday cookies. Here is a recipe for sugar cookies that are fun and easy to make. Depending on your residents it may be best for your staff to make the cookies and then assist the residents to decorate them.
  2. Invite your local school to come sing carols and celebrate with your residents. The sound of 20-30 school kids signing jingle bells really puts everyone in the holiday spirit.
  3. Donate gifts to charitable organizations. Your residents will enjoy putting their creative talents towards a good cause. Ideas include making scarves, knitting caps for newborns, assembling gift baskets, etc. Click here for a tips on giving from charitynavigator.org
  4. Story time. Gathering with your residents to share stories from holidays past and hear about one another’s family traditions provides a great opportunity for reminiscence. Having some holiday beverages and treats on hand makes it that much more fun.
  5. Respect cultural diversity. Different cultures celebrate the holiday season in different ways. Here is a guide to how the holidays are celebrated in different parts of the world.

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