Tuesday Tip: Activity Calendars

This week’s Tuesday Tip is regarding the posting of activity calendars in a California Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) or Adult Residential Facility (ARF).

Title 22 Regulations 87219 (RCFE) and 85079 (ARF) require that facilities licensed for seven or more residents post “notices of planned activities…in a central location readily accessible to residents, relatives, and representatives of placement and referral agencies.”  The regulation further requires that copies of the notices be retained for at least six months.

The notice described in regulations typically takes the form of a monthly activity calendar posted in a central location.  Consider these additional points regarding your posted activity calendar:

  1. Although not required in smaller RCFEs or ARFs, it is a good idea for all communities to post an activity calendar.  Your planned activity program is an important part of resident quality of life, and posting the calendar can help to encourage participation.
  2. Make sure the posted calendar is large enough and has sufficient lighting to be easily read by residents with visual deficits.
  3. It is a good idea to also provide a copy of the calendar directly to each resident at the beginning of the month.
  4. Involve residents, staff members, and other interested stakeholders in the activity planning process.

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  1. Yeah you guys posted another blog entry! Thanks its been a while! Some of us really are paying attention, thanks for the great tips!

  2. Thank you! Sorry for the long break. We will be posting at least weekly once again.

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