First Aid Training Requirements

California RCFE regulation 87411 requires that “staff providing care” receive appropriate first aid training. A common question is whether nurses who are employed by and RCFE must receive first aid training. This issue is addressed in the RCFE Evaluator Manual, which states:

“Facility employees who are licensed medical professionals do not have to complete first aid training, but they shall not provide training to the other employees unless they are also certified as Standard First Aid Instructors”.

The Evaluator Manual also goes on to clarify other staff members who are exempt from the first aid training requirement:

“Staff such as cook, gardeners, and janitors shall not required to complete first aid training unless they also serve in the capacity of direct care staff or, at various intervals, are called upon to provide direct care and supervision of the residents.”

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  1. Is it Required that a caregiver renew thier first aid once it is expired?

  2. Yes, they should keep their first aid card current.

  3. I have a question: In lieu of a first aid card, are we allowed to use a standard certificate showing that a person has received the proper training on first aid?

    I was told that Title 22 does not specifically say that a first aid card is the only document that would prove that a person has acquired the proper first aid training. An alternative document, I was told, is a standard certificate signed by a qualified Amreican Red Cross trainor plus a copy of the trainor’s certificate showing that he or she is a qualified American Red Cross First Aid Instructor.

    The reason why this question is being asked is because with the first aid card, you have to pay like $13 now to get the card. Whereas using a standard certificate is free of charge. Makes sense, right?

  4. Hello Lawrence,

    Yes, a certificate of completion would be acceptable proof of first aid training. Regulation 87411 simply states:

    “Staff providing care shall receive appropriate training in first aid from persons qualified by such agencies as the American Red Cross.”

    Hope that helps!


  5. Is CPR required for direct care giving staff and is it also required for all staff?

  6. Hello Amanda… It varies by state. In California, only first aid is required.

  7. Thank you Josh.

  8. What about ARF in California is First AID and CPR REQUIRED and are caregivers required to administer CPR?

  9. Hello Mark. CCL ARF regulations require only first aid training. If you are vendorized through Regional Center they typically require CPR training for your staff as well.

  10. Response applies to licensed nurses. What about CNA?
    Do nurses need a separate first aide certificate? instructors certificate?
    I am a bit confused now. As for “training”, does this mean we need the first aide instructors certificate to train our employees for any and all componants of facility? or just for first aide instructors cert to train first aide, not the rest of facility training?

  11. Hello Steven. Yes, CNAs must have a valid first aid certificate on file. No, nurses do not need any kind of first aid certificate on file.

  12. Hi my friend works for assisted living that was purchased from another assisted living 3 years ago. Our old company provided first aid/CPR training, but since we’ve been taken over nobody’s training is up to date. Is that legal? And if not who do we notify?

  13. First Aid and CPR Training are required to be renewed every 2 years for care facilities. First Aid only if you are not vendorized through a regional center.

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