Bedrails and Falling Out of Bed

We had a comment on the blog about falling out of bed.  When a resident is a risk for falling out of bed, our most common alternative is to use a Hi-Lo type bed.  This is a bed that goes to the floor, but can also be raised when necessary.  When using these beds it is important to have the following:  

a.  Physician order, and 

b.  Mats:  These surround the bed, so if he resident rolls the couple of inches, there is padding.  

We do not just want to “put a mattress on the floor” as there can be infection control issues.  

The reason we do not use full or even half rails to prevent falls are the numbers of residents who have been severely injured or even have died as a result of hanging on the rails.  There is more information on this at www.

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