Catheters in an RCFE

Residents who require the use of an indwelling catheter can be admitted to and retained in a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. According to regulation 87612, catheter care is a “restricted condition” which basically means the condition can be cared for if additional requirements are met. The additional requirements for catheter care are explained in regulation 87623 and include:

  • An RCFE can “accept or retain a resident who requires the use of an indwelling catheter…if the resident is physically and mentally capable of caring for all aspects of the condition except insertion and irrigation.”
  • Insertion and irrigation shall only be performed by an appropriately skilled professional (e.g., nurse, etc.)
  • The bag may be emptied by facility staff who receive instruction from an appropriately skilled professional. This instruction should be appropriately documented in your personnel files.

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  1. Please clarify the State of California’s stand on using lifts; such as EZPivot or EZStand lifts to assist staff in transferring residents.

  2. I have a family requesting approval for a PleurX catheter. My understanding is 87623 covers urinary catherter only. Would the PleurX catheter fall under restricted catagory? I have multible calls into DSS regarding possbility of receiving a waiver. Have you seen or heard of any cases of PleurX in Assisted Living

  3. Hello Anne,

    Unfortunately a PleurX catheter is not directly addressed in regulations, so I would recommend getting an exception/approval from your LPA. I think the key issue will be the resident’s ability to self-manage.


  4. If a resident requires in and out catheterization and the resident is mentally and physically able to perform the procedure, is this resident allowed to stay in Assisted Living under “restricted conditions”?

  5. I have a family requesting approval a supra pubic catheter. My understanding is 87623 covers urinary catheter only. Would supra pubic catheter fall under restricted catagory? Is the resident allowed to stay in Assisted Living under ‘restricted conditions’?

  6. We use EZ Lift for transfers also without any direct P&P for use or licensing input. We use DME instructions to use only as directed and only for residents that are appropriate for the lift. A doctors order is also obtained all staff is trained, maintenance is done according to DME recommendations.Document!!! It can be a scary road we travel in the AL venue

  7. Veronica: You are correct that 87623 is specific to indwelling urinary catheters. I would recommend asking your LPA for an exception for the suprapubic just to be safe.

  8. Irma: Yes, a straight catheter performed by the resident can be retained in a California RCFE without an exception.

  9. MEAdamsRN: California RCFE regulations do not address the use of mechanical lifts directly. You can use them in an RCFE, but as LD Carr suggested, I would certainly have appropriate policies/procedures and staff training.

  10. I thought the catheter training for caregivers in a RCFE was to be done twice a month by a nurse. Is that true?

  11. Hello Anna. RCFE regulation 87623 states that the training on empyting a catheter bag must be updated at least annually. Specifically it states: “The licensee shall ensure that the professional reviews staff performance as often as necessary, but at least annually.”

  12. I have heard that the Labor Department occasionally raids care homes looking for the proper use of paychecks, with all the regulations that go along with that. Is this true? Any actual inspections, or raids? I am pretty good about all of that, but I may hire a company to help me so I will be sure to do it 100% right. Any ideas on good companies that help the care home to follow the many rules and regulations?

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