When to Centrally Store Medications

Medication management is an important part of the services offered by assisted living and residential care providers.  When you and your staff are overseeing resident’s medications, the security and storage of the drugs is one of your greatest concerns.  Our clients often ask how to determine the need for central storage, and who may make this determination.  Fortunately this is clearly addressed in California RCFE Regulation 87465.


(1) Medications shall be centrally stored under the following circumstances:

(A) The preservation of medicines requires refrigeration, if the resident has no private refrigerator.

(B) Any medication is determined by the physician to be hazardous if kept in the personal possession of the person for whom it was prescribed.

(C) Because of potential dangers related to the medication itself, or due to physical arrangements in the facility and the condition or the habits of other persons in the facility, the medications are determined by either a physician, the administrator, or Department to be a safety hazard to others.

3 Responses to “When to Centrally Store Medications”

  1. LIC 622 lists a “date started” column but regulation 67465 does not list the start date as an actually requirement to be entered on the form. Can you confirm if we are “required” to actually place the start date on the LIC 622

  2. Hello Anne. No, I do not believe there is an RCFE regulation that specifically requires you to record date started.

  3. Does anyone know if lic622 is required if an rcfe is using a software suite that stores all meds (emar)? I have been looking at many of the established software vendors and none auto populate the 622 pdf. Seems if this was a lic requirement a few would have this implemented. They all say we have to update manually. That leaves room for human error, having to duplicate data. All the required fields are of course stored in the software and can be printed on the fly in realtime

    Thanks in advance

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