Charging for Telephone Services in an RCFE

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed us to ask if he/she can charge residents in an RCFE for the cost of long distance phone calls. California RCFE regulations clearly allow for reimbursement for long distance calls from private pay residents, however it is important that this is clearly stated in the admission/residency agreement. Here are a few relevant regulations worth reviewing:

87311 (Telephones) – All facilities shall have telephone service on the premises. Facilities with a capacity of sixteen (16) or more persons shall be listed in the telephone directory under the name of the facility.

87468 (Personal Rights) – To have reasonable access to telephones, to both make and receive confidential calls. The licensee may require reimbursement for long distance calls.

2 Responses to “Charging for Telephone Services in an RCFE”

  1. The nitty-gritty comes in the”reasonably confidential…” With two residents in a room, it may be a bit of a juggling act to provide confidential calls all the time, it seems….

    Andy w-g

  2. Yes, Andy, that can certainly be a challenge.

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