Hands-Only CPR

Did you know that hands-only CPR has been show to be as effective as “conventional” CPR in emergencies that occur at home, work, or in public?  The American Heart Association still recommends conventional CPR on some situations, such as for infants and children.  Learn more at www.handsonlycpr.org.

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  1. I need clarification for lvn and rn in an assisted living setting.
    Title 22 only requires first aid certification. If someone requires CPR in the faciliy, as licensed individuals do we perform CPR if the person is considered full code?

  2. Hello Beverly. That is correct, Title 22 RCFE regulations in California only require staff to be trained in basic first aid. Although regulations do not require an RN or LVN to perform CPR and CCL has said in the past they will not site on the issue, however the nurse practice act says you should perform the duties for which you are trained. So it comes down to both a personal/professional and policy decision.

    As an RN myself, I would perform CPR if necessary. However, I would strongly recommend reviewing the policies at the Community where you work to see if they have addressed the issue. If it is unclear, discuss this with your supervisors and/or corporate staff as well.

    Hope that helps!

  3. I have been looking for a live CPR training course which is a requirement to be recertified. I am in the San Diego area. Can you please help me find one?

  4. Hello Vicki. For a live CPR course, I would suggest contacting the San Diego Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/ca/san-diego

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