Hot Weather Is Just Around the Corner

While we are enjoying beautiful spring weather, hot days are ahead.  Are you ready?  Residents need access to out of door areas that are protected from excessive sun and heat.  Now is the time to make sure your residents will be comfortable and safe.  Remember that some medications (e.g., certain psychotropics, antibiotics, etc.) our residents use put them at even greater risk for sunburn.  Check that your outdoor areas are protected.

Dehydration and heat related emergencies are a very real possibility on very hot days.  Residents sitting in a vehicle when going to doctor appointments or forced to wait outdoors for long periods can be at risk.  Our residents with cognitive impairment may not even be aware of their risk.  Review the signs and symptoms of heat related emergencies with your staff BEFORE summer heat arrives.  

1.  Nausea

2.  Weakness or fatigue

3.  Disorientation; possible coma

4.  Agitation or irrational behaviors

5.  Heavy sweating (heat exhaustion) or absence of sweat on the skin (heat stroke)

6.  Skin may feel hot to the touch 

A heat related emergency can easily become a life threatening condition for our residents.

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