Importance of Hydration

Summer will be here soon.  However, irregardless of the time of year, appropriate hydration is important, especially for those who care for people who cannot self monitor their fluid intake. 

To motivate all of us to encourage fluids, I wanted to share the information below.  Many of you know Debi Cavallo, a long time instructor and consultant to residential care.  Debi has been working with a great community with a dementia care area on the importance of hydration.  They diligently offered fluids throughout the day and evening to the residents.  Here are the exciting results in a 90 day period. 

  • Falls decreased
  • Few skin tears
  • NO UTIs
  • No fecal impactions

Isn’t that fantastic?  Of course water is best, but there are many residents who will not drink water well.  Here are some fluid rich suggestions: 

  • popcicles
  • watermelon
  • honeydew melon
  • strawberries
  • broths
  • juices

Remember, any beverage with caffeine, such as soda, does not hydrate, as the caffeine acts as a diuretic.

For more information on hydration specific to those with dementia, take a look at the hydration video titled “Dementia Care–Hydration” available from Advanced Healthcare Studies, LLC at  They offer an entire series of videos on different aspects of dementia care.

9 Responses to “Importance of Hydration”

  1. How much water/fluid is healthy per day. My husband is 60 y.o.. How much limit can he drink?

  2. Please add jello to your fluid rich suggestions and mona vie juice , the most super power antioxidant with acai berry fruit.

    At present time, I am taking care of client with diabetes and he goes to dialysis 3x/week. He is limited to fluid intake of 32 ounces a day that include coffee, juices, water and soup as per doctor order.

  3. It depends in the individual. Many physicians will encourage six to eight 8 ounce glasses per day. However, for residents with a fluid restriction, that could be dangerous. To be safe, consult with the resident’s physician.

  4. Those are excellent suggestions. I have found some residents will drink the acai juice better if watered down a bit. What a great healthy focus you have! Thanks for the comments.

  5. everybody should have water but not suggetsion is to drink sports drink.bec. it has electrolytes too much water will dilute your electrolytes that’s why you feel tired sometimes.

  6. My husband is very strict about salt intake and never drinking anything but water. His last physical showed he had a low blood sodium level.

  7. Very good points Jeannette. Some people that over consume water even get something known as “water intoxication”. The key point is to keep our residents approrpiately hydrated, specific to their unique needs.

  8. Does Vitamin D have anything to do with Or help with hydration?

  9. Staff has recently been limiting fluid intake for one of our dementia residents stating they “they will pee too much” … I am referring to a resident who will drink water or juice unassisted. Is there a Residents rights violation issue here?? Dehydration is a constant concern for me; Many residents are hospitalized for dehydration for dementia. Where do the Regulations come in here??

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