In The News: Flu

Thought you didn’t have to worry about the flu? Think again. The CDC has released information about flu concerns. There are currently TWO strains of the flu that are not covered by the flu vaccine our residents received. Should either of the non-covered strains come through your community, you will have residents experiencing flu symptoms.

Our greatest defense to protect our residents is to discourage anyone from coming into our community who is currently ill. Reminding visitors to postpone visits when ill is important. However, equally important is to remind staff to not come to work when ill. Call-offs are painful. None the less, one sick employee can infect many more employees as well as residents.

Be sure to monitor residents for complications. Our residents with dementia or clients with an inability to follow instructions are at significant risk. They are not always careful about hand washing, using tissue and other preventative measures. Immunocompromised residents are also a concern.

Be sure to monitor for dehydration, one common reason for hospital admission. If you suspect your resident is not consuming adequate fluids, notify the physician right away. A trip to the ER for hydration early on can prevent more serious complications.

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