Your Legal Duty – Reporting Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

This week’s tip comes from a California Assisted Living Association update regarding the Department of Justice elder abuse video titled “Your Legal Duty”.

The DOJ Elder Abuse video is back online and available to access here. Bookmark this link to easily refer back to when you need it. Assisted Living communities are required to show this video as a part of the DOJ Elder Abuse Reporting Training. It must be administered to all employees, within six months of beginning operation of a new facility, and within 60 days of a new employee’s first day of employment.

Download a text version of the Your Legal Duty Curriculum.

11 Responses to “Your Legal Duty – Reporting Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse”

  1. I could not access the DOJ Elder Abuse video and I have a number of behavioral health facilities who need to see this video. How do I purchase or get copies of this video.

    Thank you,

    Lynn Ingram

  2. Hello Lynn. Unfortunately DOJ no longer provides copies of the video, it can only be accessed online. It is available through YouTube, or the link in the blog article above.

  3. Since this is now an outdated video that has some incorrect information in it, is there going to be an updated video with the law changes?

  4. Hello Kathy,

    Unfortunately DOJ is no longer maintain the video, so we doubt the will update it. We have added an update to our online version of the course.

  5. Trying to report abuse to whom a board n care home for the elderlly but mentally ill. What should i do its really bad.please help.

  6. To everyone who has been looking for a DVD version of this video:

    I recently came on with the DOJ’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse as a Field Representative.

    Thank you

  7. Please send me a copy of the elder abuse video.
    3654 W. 60th st
    Los angeles, ca 90043
    Attention Latrell Johnson

  8. Dear peter;
    we would appreciate if you can send us a copy of that DVD, our students will greatly benefit from the information contained in the video.
    Thank you

    Computer Institute of Technology (Nursing Division)
    4130 E. Gage Ave.
    Bell, CA 90201

  9. Am I able to get a copy of the training DVD for Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse. It looks like other people have requested one. Please send me any information on obtaining one. I have the old one.

  10. Hey Deanna,

    The course that you’re looking for can be found on our website – click here. This is an online training course that is 2 credit hours. There is a DVD available, Recognizing and Reporting Elder Abuse, that might also meet your training requirements.

  11. To Peter Meadows:
    I am in need of Your legal Duty Abuse training DSD. I work at a skilled nursing facility as the DSD. I would very much appreciate a DVD copy for my facility. Please send me a copy to:
    Krista-Lee Blackwell
    521 Lorel Way, Yuba City, CA 95991
    If You need me to email you directly PLEASE let me know
    Thank you in advance

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