Tuesday Tip: When Can a Caregiver Begin Medication Training?

Our Tuesday Tip this week is in response to a question regarding when a caregiver can begin assisting residents with medications:

“I was just wondering if there is a waiting period for a new staff member to be trained to assist with medications, or can they be trained as soon as we think they are ready?

The short answer is you can train a staff person when you feel they are ready.  California Health and Safety Code Section 1569.69 outlines the requirements for training of staff members who will provide assistance with medications.  Section 1569.69 does not specify a “waiting period” before a caregiver can be trained to assist residents with self-administration of medications.

Keep in mind, however, that the hands-on shadowing portion of the training requirements (8 hours for facilities licensed for 16 or more residents, 2 hours for facilities licensed for 15 or fewer residents) must be completed BEFORE assisting with medications.

Click here for full explanation of the training requirements in H&S Code 1569.69.

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  1. Thanks again for the great Tuesday tip!

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