Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?”

Tip: Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?”

A Tuesday Tip subscriber emailed us with the following question:

“Can a nurse practitioner complete and sign the Physician’s Report?  Does the physician need to co-sign?”

Yes, a nurse practitioner can sign a Physician’s Report form (LIC 602).  No, a co-signature by the physician is not necessary for CCL purposes.  CCLD has clarified this policy in the RCFE Evaluator Manual, which states:

“Review the resident’s medical assessment to ensure that it has been properly signed and dated by a physician or a licensed medical professional working under the direct supervision of a physician (such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant).”

4 Responses to “Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?””

  1. Can a nurse practioner care for a patient when the patient of family has been advised that the N.P. is a Physician? Can this N.P. sign as Physician>

  2. Invaluable comments , I Appreciate the info . Does someone know where my company might be able to get access to a blank 2011 CA LIC 602A example to fill out ?

  3. May NP’s sign orders in RCFE’s? Has there been a new ruling from Health and Human Services regarding NP’s no longer able to sign orders for residents in RCFE’s?

  4. Hey Nancy,

    There have been no changes yet to Title 22 regulations to allow Nurse Practitioners to prescribe medications in RCFEs. To accept prescriptions from Nurse Practitioners, providers must obtain an approved T22 waiver from their CCL regional office. Refer to PIN 16-05-ASC at A PIN will be released in January informing interested parties that CCL will be amending the regulation requirements for the provision of incidental medical and dental services. The PIN will invite input from stakeholders.

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