October is national resident’s right month

October is national residents right month. The theme for 2012 resident’s right month is “My voice, My Vote, My right”. To honor residents in all long term care and facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living, board and care retirement communities to encourage resident’s to vote and participate in the political process. Click here to learn more about residents’ rights.

2 Responses to “October is national resident’s right month”

  1. In order to make sure all our residents can vote. I put up signs reminding them to fill out a new voter registration form if they have moved since they last voted, and I leave a stack in the lounge. But the biggest help is we volunteer our space to host the electrion polls. It’s very convienient for residents to simply come down to vote, and we welcome our neighbors as well. Let residents know if they missed the deadline for mailing in their absentee vote, they can take the form to their polls and vote there.

    Thank you for all your great tips. I always learn something.


  2. Hosting a polling place is a great suggestion, Linda. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading Tuesday Tip!

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