Oxygen Equipment Requirements in an RCFE

It is not uncommon to retain a resident who requires supplemental oxygen administration. RCFE regulation 87618 outlines requirements for how the oxygen is to be administered (by the resident him/herself or a licensed medical professional), but it is important not to overlook the requirements outlined in the regulation, including those related to the actual oxygen equipment. These requirements include:

  • A report shall be made in writing to the local fire jurisdiction that oxygen is in use at the facility.
  • “No Smoking-Oxygen in Use” signs shall be posted in the appropriate areas.
  • Smoking shall be prohibited where oxygen is in use.
  • All electrical equipment shall be checked for defects which may cause sparks.
  • Oxygen tanks that are not portable shall be secured in a stand or to the wall.
  • Plastic tubing from the nasal canula or mask to the oxygen source shall be long enough to allow the resident movement within his/her room but does not constitute a hazard to the resident or others.
  • Oxygen from a portable source shall be used by residents when they are outside of their rooms.
  • Equipment shall be operable.
  • Equipment shall be removed from the facility when no longer in use by the resident.

6 Responses to “Oxygen Equipment Requirements in an RCFE”

  1. What about a resident using an 02 concentrator (no tank)?

  2. Great question! The same requirements apply to the concentrators.

  3. Is there a special form that needs to be supplied to the local fire department or a generic letter on letterhead?

  4. Hello Marion. No, there is not a standard form for this. You can simply use a generic letter on letterhead as you suggested.

  5. Hello,

    Once a resident requires oxygen equipment for his/her breathing, is it a requirement from RCFE that he or she should be knowledgeable to operate the said aparatus. I am just wondering if the resident cannot anymore such aparatus, can a caregiver or staff do this in lieu of…

    Thank you very much


  6. Hello Joel. In an RCFE the oxygen must be “administered” by the resident or by a licensed medical professional. So they would need to be able to turn it on/off, adjust the flow rate, etc.

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