Postural Supports in an RCFE

Special thanks to Kirk Miyake from Kokoro Assisted Living for this week’s Tuesday Tip.

There may be times when a resident requires the use of a tray, soft tie, or other device to maintain body position and balance, or to improve mobility. RCFE regulation 87608 and CCL policy refer to these devices as postural supports and outline requirements that must be followed if they are being used by a resident, including:

  1. Not a restraint: The use of a postural support must not restrict movement or otherwise be used to restrain a resident. Under no circumstances shall the use of postural include tying, depriving, or limiting the use of the resident’s hands or feet.
  2. Physician’s order: A written physician order for the postural support must be maintained in the resident’s record. According to CCL policy the order use be updated every 90 days.
  3. Quick release: The postural support must be fastened or tied in a manner that permits quick release by the resident.
  4. Fire clearance: According to CCL policy a resident using a postural support is considered nonambulatory; ensure appropriate fire clearance.
  5. Check the resident every 30 minutes: According to CCL policy, a resident must be checked at least every 30 minutes while using a postural support and this check must be documented.

Click here to review the full details in regulation 87608.

Click here to review CCL policy on postural supports in the RCFE Evaluator Manual.

6 Responses to “Postural Supports in an RCFE”

  1. Are half rails still considered postural supports?

    Thanks Martha Berard

  2. Also my question pertaining to half rails, are RCFE are allowed to use full rails while a resident is on Hospice?

  3. Hello Lisa,

    Use of full rails in an RCFE is normally prohibited. However, regulation 87608 stated that they can be used when the resident is receiving hospice. Use of the full rails must be specified in the hospice care plan.

  4. Hello Martha. Yes, use of half rails are considered postural supports per RCFE regulation 87608.

  5. We have a resident in memory care who falls frequently. She has no spatial awareness and walks continually. In other states I have had success with walking frames such as a Merry Walker. If assessed for mobility, are these used in assisted LIving in CA?

  6. Hello Linda. A “merry walker” is not prohibited in California but it will raise attention from CCL. I would recommend handling in the same way you would a postural support: physician’s order, service plan, appropriate fire clearance, etc.

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