Preparing Residents for Medical Appointments

Assisting residents with transportation is an important service offered by assisted living and residential care providers.  Medical appointments are a common destination for our residents.  Here are a few things to consider when preparing a resident for transportation to a medical appointment:

Depending on the condition or cognitive state of the individual, the supervision of the resident during his/her appointment will need to be carefully planned. Some residents may be able to stay at an appointment alone, whereas many of your residents may not. Resident evaluations are necessary before he/she is transported to determine whether supervision is needed.

Be sure to provide proper documentation in order to ensure a smooth visit at the medical appointment.  You will want to include:

  • Resident Identification
  • Insurance Cards
  • Physician Orders
  • List of Current Medications
  • Other Information Appropriate for the Appointment

4 Responses to “Preparing Residents for Medical Appointments”

  1. for scheduled medical appointments, is the facility (board & care home) responsible for taking residents to their doctor’s appointments?

  2. Hello Edith. An RCFE is responsible for arranging for transportation to medical appointments. This does not necessarily mean you have to provide the transportation directly, but most providers do.

  3. Hi,

    For a patient who has gone through surgery and is now attending weekly radiotherapy appointments, is it the responsibilty of the care home or the family to arrange transport to appointments?

  4. Hello Gareth. Yes, the RCFE is required to assist in coordinating the appointments and transportation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are directly providing the transportation, but you must help coordinate.

    Regulation 87465 states: “The licensee shall provide assistance in meeting necessary medical and dental needs. This includes transportation which may be limited to the nearest available medical or dental facility which will meet the resident’s need. In providing transportation the licensee shall do so directly or make arrangements for this service.”

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