Resident Weight Loss

For providers caring for the elderly, weight loss can sometimes be a concern.  This is particularly true for dementia care providers.  Should a resident experience weight loss, the community has a responsibility to take action.  A community is at risk for accusation of neglect if weight less is allowed to continue without medical involvement.  For some residents, weight loss is inevitable.  We just do not want to allow it to progress without MD involvement.


Sometimes there is confusion about how much of a loss would cause concern.  Here are some commonly accepted guidelines:


Time interval                 Significant Change               Severe Change

1 month                            5.0%                                         >5.0%

3 months                          7.5%                                         >7.5%

6 months                        10.0%                                          10.0%


How are you encouraging calorie consumption?  Share your ideas.

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