Tuesday Tip: Residents Storing Their Own Medications?

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Tip: Residents Storing Their Own Medications?

This week’s Tuesday Tip is in response to a question we received regarding if and when an assisted living or residential care resident may store and manage medications in his/her room or apartment. Here are several factors that must be considered before allowing a resident to store and manage his/her own medications:

1. Physician’s Authorization

You must have written authorization from the resident’s physician approving him/her to self-store and manage medications.

2. Locked Storage

To prevent unauthorized access by other residents, visitors, or staff persons, the medications must be locked when in the resident’s room.  A locking drawer or cabinet can be used for this purpose.

3. Other Residents

If the resident has a roommate, self-storage is not appropriate.  Additionally, if other residents in your community have a tendency to wander into other people’s rooms–such as in a dedicated memory care community–self-storage may not be safe.

4. Your Observations

Despite having a physician’s written authorization, if you feel the resident cannot safely store and manage his/her medications, you have a responsibility to intervene and discuss the issues with the resident and his/her responsible party.

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Josh Allen, RN

Advanced Healthcare Studies, LLC

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Residents Storing Their Own Medications?”

  1. Can you provide the sections of Title 22 that address “Residents Storing Their Own Medications”.

    Thank you

  2. We also need to be careful when family members bring medicine for residents, when admitting let it be part of your admission process to check residents MAR or obtain from physician report what medication the residents have.

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