Tuesday Tip: Should Your Residents Be Going Out?

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This week’s tip was provided by Sandi Flores, RN from Community Education, LLC. 

Tip: Should Your Residents Be Going Out?

Many of our residents enjoy stepping out for a walk or just sitting outside. What about residents going for a walk beyond our fenced areas? Is it appropriate?

Over time you may get to know your residents and may feel confident that some can come and go as desired. In addition to potential safety issues, you COULD have a compliance problem.

Spot check your residents now by reviewing their Physician’s Report (LIC 602A). Look on the second page in box number nine and see if the physician checked the box indicating the resident may leave the building unescorted.  If the physician indicates that the resident may leave, great!  If not, you need to make sure staff are accompanying the resident each time he or she goes for a walk.

Always keep an eye out for safety as well.  If the resident requires the use of an ambulatory device, be sure he/she uses it as required.  Additionally, should the resident ever demonstrate unsafe behavior, no matter what the Physician’s Report states, you must be diligent in escorting the resident, as needed, and arrange for a reassessment.

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Josh Allen, RN

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  1. FYI.

    It’s Page 4, Box 14 (k).
    i.e., k. Able to Leave Facility

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