How Often Should I Update the Resident Appraisal?

We are frequently asked about how often to update a Resident Appraisal.  California RCFE regulation 87463 “Reappraisals” clearly states that the pre-admission appraisal shall be updated “as frequently as necessary to note significant changes and to keep the appraisal accurate.”  However, most providers choose to update the appraisal at least annually or more often, such as quarterly.  More frequent updates help you keep a more current and accurate appraisal, and can improve the accuracy of billing if you utilize a level of care system.

Keep in mind the resident appraisal is different from the physician report and the service plan.  We will discuss these more in next week’s Tuesday Tip.

2 Responses to “How Often Should I Update the Resident Appraisal?”

  1. When I update the condition of a client, the family does not always agree with me and it seems that they are in denial regarding the decline and extra needs of their relative. They will make excuses as to why the loved one does not need certain extra services, Is this something that should be written into the contract during the admission period or should the need be backed up by a physician?

  2. Chris. This is something everyone experiences at some point. Your levels of care and other charges should definitely be clarified in your admission agreement. This is why I always recommend having your admission agreement developed and/or reviewed by an attorney.

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