Written Approval Required for Wander Alert Wristbands

California RCFE regulation 87705 requires that residents or their conservator (if applicable) provide written approval prior to using wristbands or other egress alert device, such as WanderGuard:

“The licensee may use wrist bands or other egress alert devices worn by the resident, with the prior written approval of the resident or conservator, provided that such devices do not violate the resident’s rights as specified in Section 87468, Personal Rights.”

2 Responses to “Written Approval Required for Wander Alert Wristbands”

  1. Does anyone have any examples of written permission slips from the resident and/or conservator?

  2. Is prior written approval from the responsible party, such as a family member or durable power of attorney, acceptable if the resident has a cognitive impairment and is not conserved?

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