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Administrator Certification and Recertification Classes Throughout California RCFE or ARF Administrators can easily locate the initial certification or recertification classes they need throughout California in the Care and Compliance Winter Class Schedule. Our latest catalog includes special year-end sale pricing for initial certification, live CEU classes and our popular 20 & 20 Program that allows Administrators …

New CEU Classes for 2017

New Continuing Education Classes For RCFE and ARF Administrators Are Here! Care and Compliance Group has four all-new CEU classes starting February, 2017* that you can register for right now. Watch the video, download the brochure, and then register for Administrator Recertification classes on Download Our Winter Sale Flyer With New Class Details

New LGBT Training Requirements

New laws in California (AB663) require training on cultural competency and sensitivity in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) issues for persons becoming certified as RCFE or ARF Administrators. This training is now required as part of the administrator certification course.

Stay Current on Drug Information

From time to time we all have questions about medications. Questions like: What is a normal dose? Are there any dangerous side effects with this drug? Is it okay to take these different medications at the same time? Should this be taken with food? You should prepare resources for medication information before the questions arise. …

A “New Direction” for Inspections in California

The California Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) has proposed to increase the frequency of inspections in RCFEs and ARFs (as well as other facility types). Due to budget constraints, CCLD currently conducts compliance inspections of all facilities at least once every five years. Under the new proposal inspections would occur annually under a less time-consuming …

Three Tips for Budgeting Success

(Adapted from “Budget 101” at Creating a budget isn’t incredibly difficult, but where most people fail is trying to maintain the budget. It usually starts with good intentions, but just like dieting, it doesn’t take much to derail your entire plan. Here are three steps to follow if you want to create and maintain …

Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?”

Tip: Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?” A Tuesday Tip subscriber emailed us with the following question: “Can a nurse practitioner complete and sign the Physician’s Report?  Does the physician need to co-sign?”

Put Your Charts on a Diet!

Are your resident charts getting too heavy to handle? Residents often live in assisted living and residential care communities for many years, and as time goes by the number of assessments, physician orders, narrative entries, and other chart documents can start to become overwhelming. To keep things manageable and easy-to-use it is a good idea …

Use of Window Restrictors

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed to ask us about installing window restrictor to prevent residents from eloping through a window: “What is your opinion of using window restrictors in dementia units to prevent elopement through windows?”

Safeguard Your Narcotics

On Monday we held our our 2010 Assisted Living Medication Summit, and we heard from several presenters and speakers of an increase in narcotic thefts in communities around the country. While we do not have any hard statistics to confirm this, it does remind us of the importance of safeguarding narcotics in your community. The …