Bed Rail Safety

Many state assisted living regulations allow for the use of bed rails–usually half rails–under certain circumstances. However, while bed rails can help to improve the resident’s ability to move, transfer, and reposition, they aren’t without hazards. Specifically, the FDA reported over 800 incidents of persons being caught, trapped, entangles or strangled by bed rails between …

Full Bed Rails for Hospice Residents in an RCFE

A regular Tuesday Tip reader recently asked, “Can a resident in an RCFE have full bed rails if he/she is receiving hospice services?” The short answer is yes. The use of bed rails is addressed in RCFE regulation 87608 which states:

Bed Rail Safety

In 2009, 803 incidents of individuals caught, trapped, entangles, or strangled in beds with rails were reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Of these incidents, 480 people died; most of whom were frail, elderly, or confused.

Bed Rails in an RCFE

This week’s tip is our favorite type of tip to share; it is in response to a question received from a Tuesday Tip subscriber: “We have a small dementia care community. Can we have half rail beds in this setting or do they have to have quarter rail?”