Promote Your RCFE Online

This week’s Tuesday Tip is a reminder to take advantage of the free RCFE Facility Questionnaire at to help promote your RCFE online. 

First Aid Training Requirements

California RCFE regulation 87411 requires that “staff providing care” receive appropriate first aid training. A common question is whether nurses who are employed by and RCFE must receive first aid training. This issue is addressed in the RCFE Evaluator Manual, which states:

Privately Paid Personal Assistant Background Checks

There continues to be some confusion regarding California Community Care Licensing (CCL) policies regarding criminal clearance background checks for privately paid personal assistants.  To clarify, this is the most recent policy from CCL as reported in their Summer 2010 update and in the RCFE Evaluator Manual:

How Long is a Criminal Clearance Good For?

This question comes up frequently: “How long does my criminal clearance last? Do I have to renew it?”  Here is the answer from CCL:

Five Things You Need to Know About the RCFE Questionnaire

RCFE providers are receiving notices in the mail regarding a new RCFE Questionnaire available on the CCL website, and many of you aren’t sure what this is all about.  Here are five things you need to know about the questionnaire:

Stay Current on Drug Information

From time to time we all have questions about medications. Questions like: What is a normal dose? Are there any dangerous side effects with this drug? Is it okay to take these different medications at the same time? Should this be taken with food? You should prepare resources for medication information before the questions arise. …

A “New Direction” for Inspections in California

The California Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) has proposed to increase the frequency of inspections in RCFEs and ARFs (as well as other facility types). Due to budget constraints, CCLD currently conducts compliance inspections of all facilities at least once every five years. Under the new proposal inspections would occur annually under a less time-consuming …

How Long to Keep Resident Records?

Lately we have received questions from several Tuesday Tip subscribers asking how long to keep resident records in their California RCFE.

Have You Reviewed the Health and Safety Code?

You should also be familiar with the actual Health and Safety Code that the regulations are based on.

Tuesday Tip: Standard Precautions

Although current California regulations refer to “universal precautions,” current infection-control techniques have advanced and today “standard precautions” (which include universal precautions) are considered the basic level of infection control.