Three Steps to Better Marketing Online

Providers have faced many challenges over the last few years related to the economy, including challenges related to occupancy and retention. In a poll conducted last year 57% of assisted living and residential care providers told us that “attracting new residents” is their biggest challenge. Your online presence and use of the Internet is a …

Respectful Adult Communication Reduces Resistance to Care in Alzheimer’s

This should be intuitive to a professional care provider, but recent research has proven that communicating with persons suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease respectfully and at an adult-level reduces resistance to care.  Read the Alzheimer’s Association press release below for more information.

50 Communication Tips

Effective and timely communication is a critical skill for any care provider.  Whether communicating with residents, state regulators, or an upset family member, strong communication skills can create a comforting environment and help to prevent potential situations from escalating.