New Adult and Senior Care Update from CCL

Community Care Licensing recently posted the Winter 2012 Adult and Senior Care Update to their website. The update includes information on the 2012 SSI rates, civil penalty updates, CCL reorganization, updates to the evaluator manual, and more.

Reporting Discharge from Hospice

A recently received question from one a California Tuesday Tip subscriber about reporting discharge from hospice: “Is a facility required to notify Community Care Licensing when a resident is discharged from hospice?”

Electronic Physician Signatures

A Tuesday Tip subscriber emailed us to ask if Community Care Licensing (CCL) allows electronic physician signatures for medication orders/prescriptions. Fortunately, CCL provided guidance on this in the Summer 2010 Adult and Senior Care Update. Here is what they had to say:

Can I Retain a Resident with MRSA?

The incidence of infections from drug-resistant organisms continues to be major problem in the United States. Assisted living and residential care providers are increasingly faced with a resident who is infected or colonized with these organisms, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resitant enterococci (VRE). One of the most important questions for providers is …

Oral Syringes

Community Care Licensing provided several important policy updates and clarifications during last week’s CALA Spring Conference, including one regarding the use of oral syringes.  For some time there has been a lack of consistent interpretation from LPAs in the field regarding whether or not trained unlicensed staff members may use an oral syringe to draw …

Streamlining Total Care Exceptions

Community Care Licensing recently updated their policy on total care exceptions for residents receiving hospice services.  The new policy streamlines the exception process by allowing providers to submit two (of three) required elements in advance as part of a “total care plan” addendum to their hospice waiver.

New CCL Policy on Orientations

Community Care Licensing has updated their policy on attending “orientation” prior to submitting a facility license application.  Under the new policy licensees who have attended an orientation in the past do not have to attend one again when submitting a new application:

CCLD Has Resumed Services

In a Tuesday Tip two weeks ago we shared news that CCL had temporarily suspended some of it’s vital services.  This week we have good news; CCL has officially resumed these services, including accepting licensing applications.  It appears that some local CCL offices have been slow to bring services back on board, but the California …

CCLD Alert

We have received news from the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) and Aging Services of California regarding significant temporary changes at Community Care Licensing (CCL).  Due to ongoing severe budget issues CCL is re-prioritizing its limited resources to prioritize complaint investigations and facility inspections.  Although CCL has not yet released an official announcement about these …