Importance of Hydration

Summer will be here soon.  However, irregardless of the time of year, appropriate hydration is important, especially for those who care for people who cannot self monitor their fluid intake. 

Strategies for the New CCL Guidelines

The very first issue of the Adult and Senior Care Update for 2008 from the California Department of Social Services covered many issues. Within this update the Senior Care Program Administration has compiled a list of suggestions for providers to use to maintain and enhance resident care while also preventing citations.

New Continuing Education Topics

Are you registered for one of our recertification courses after May 1?  If so, you are one of the lucky students that will be enjoying our brand new 2008 continuing education courses.  Thousands of students have enjoyed our previous topics, but it is time to transition to our new courses–a transition we are excited about.

Presenter Spotlight: Steve Schmidt, Marketing with Care

Steve Schmidt, President of Marketing with Care, will be a presenter at our Third Annual Small Provider Conference on July 17-18, 2008 at Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, CA. I would like to share additional information about their company and products.

Out of Town Conferences

Have you ever been interested in a conference that Community Education, LLC is hosting, but the thought of getting to that location is to overwhelming? Below are some travel tips that may help make your travel experience more pleasurable.

Universal Precautions

In 1991 Senate Bill 198 was passed into law. This bill made it mandatory that every employer in California have a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program to inform employees of hazards in the workplace, and employers are to provide ongoing training in a variety of areas.

What To Expect at the Third Annual Small Provider Conference

We are excited to be hosting the Third Annual Small Provider Conference on July 17th and 18th this year. Whether you attend to hear from great speakers or just to get away, this conference is certain to satisfy your expectations. Whether it’s the convention center, casino, or four diamond hotel, Pechanga Resort & Casino–conveniently located …

California Department of Social Service (CDSS) Renewal Notice

Haven’t received your renewal notice from the Department of Social Services and you are ready to submit your continuing education hours? Not to worry, you can locate this LIC form on the Community Care Licensing Division website by searching for LIC 9215.

Unlimited Access

As I mention in my last blog, online education is changing the way consumers obtain their continuing education credits. Here at Community Education we exert all efforts to offer our participants different courses to choose form. Unlimited Access is just one way to take advantage of online education.

Have You Tried Online Education?

Online education is changing the way consumers obtain their continuing education credits. Required by many regulatory entities, continuing education is an obligation for many professionals throughout the nation.