RCFE First Aid Training Requirements

We are often asked about first aid training requirements in an RCFE. Regulation 87411 clearly requires first aid training for “staff providing care.” The RCFE Evaluator Manual provides clarification on who is exempt from first aid training requirements: 

First Aid Training Requirements

California RCFE regulation 87411 requires that “staff providing care” receive appropriate first aid training. A common question is whether nurses who are employed by and RCFE must receive first aid training. This issue is addressed in the RCFE Evaluator Manual, which states:

Online First Aid Training Approved by California’s Community Care Licensing

Community Education, LLC in partnership with Joel Goldman from the law firm Hanson Bridgett has obtained written confirmation from Tom Stahl, Chief of CCLD’s Policy Development Bureau, that providers may utilize online first aid training to fulfull the regulatory requirement for staff training in first aid. Below is the direct response from Mr. Stahl: