Tuesday Tip: Happy Thanksgiving?

With your hectic schedule, it is sometimes easy to overlook simple compliance issues. Advanced Healthcare Studies’ “Tuesday Tips” will bring you a quick, helpful idea each week that can assist you in your operations related to regulatory compliance. We know that many of you implement outstanding practices in your community, and we welcome your ideas …

Food Safety: What Do Those Packaging Stamps Mean?

Licensees who purchase and prepare foods for residents in licensed facilities are expected to select, store, prepare, and serve food in a safe and healthful manner. In an effort to keep consumers informed of food safety and freshness, several designations have been established in an effort to protect us from expired and potentially harmful food stuffs. …

Food Facts

While recently writing the new Food and Nutrition class that Community Education, LLC will be offering as part of our recertification courses, I came across a few interesting facts that may be helpful to those of you who help to prepare meals for your residents. 

Food Poisoning Still Common in U.S.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that certain foodborne illnesses have declined since the late 1990s, improvements have leveled off since 2004.