Reporting Discharge from Hospice

A recently received question from one a California Tuesday Tip subscriber about reporting discharge from hospice: “Is a facility required to notify Community Care Licensing when a resident is discharged from hospice?”

When is a Resident with Dementia Ready for Hospice?

This week’s tip has been adapted with permission from the VITAS Hospice publication entitled Clinical Appropriateness: Alzheimer’s Disease.

Admitting Residents Already on Hospice

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently asked whether she could admit a resident who is already receiving hospice services into her RCFE.  The short answer is, yes, as long as you have your hospice waiver.

Criminal Clearance and Hospice Volunteers

In last week’s Tuesday Tip we clarified criminal clearance requirements for volunteers.  Pathways Home Health and Hospice sent us this important reminder that volunteers from a hospice agency are exempt from the criminal clearance process:

California: Who Can Administer Medications to a Resident on Hospice?

On Monday we held our our 2010 Assisted Living Medication Summit, and one of the most common questions from California-based attendees was regarding hospice medications. More specifically, who may administer medications to a resident on hospice. Here is an answer to this from a recent CCL clarification:

Tuesday Tip: Crushing Medications for Hospice Residents

This week’s Tip is from a California Community Care Licensing (CCLD) policy response to the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) and California Hospice and Palliative Care Association (CHAPCA): Is an exception required for hospice resident medications to be crushed?

What is the purpose of a Hospice Waiver?

Many of us are very frustrated with recent State of California statewide requirements for exceptions for hospice care in assisted living.  The whole idea behind the original Hospice Waiver was to eliminate the need for numerous exceptions.  Providers must now have an exception for:

Tuesday Tips: Residents on Hospice

With your hectic schedule, it is sometimes easy to overlook simple compliance issues. Advanced Healthcare Studies’ “Tuesday Tips” will bring you a quick, helpful idea each week that can assist you in your operations related to regulatory compliance.

Inspirational Hospice Care

I have had the pleasure of conducting a number of hospice classes statewide. I always find after any I class I lead that learning is a two way street. I could never put a value on the knowledge, care techniques and innovative practices I have learned in classes. Generous providers often share great ideas with …