Online First Aid Training Approved by California’s Community Care Licensing

Community Education, LLC in partnership with Joel Goldman from the law firm Hanson Bridgett has obtained written confirmation from Tom Stahl, Chief of CCLD’s Policy Development Bureau, that providers may utilize online first aid training to fulfull the regulatory requirement for staff training in first aid. Below is the direct response from Mr. Stahl: 

HIV/AIDS for Care Providers

Community Education is very excited to offer our participants new online courses as they are available. HIV/AIDS for Care Providers was just recently approved for 4 hours of continuing education credit. Unlimited Access members can now access this course with their annual membership.  

California Compliance Webinars

Our customers tell us that Community Education, LLC Live Webinars are the best of both worlds: the ease and convenience of online education, with the insight and interaction that only a live instructor can provide. During a Live Webinar, participants interact directly with a live instructor, and at the same time, login to our interactive …

Unlimited Access

As I mention in my last blog, online education is changing the way consumers obtain their continuing education credits. Here at Community Education we exert all efforts to offer our participants different courses to choose form. Unlimited Access is just one way to take advantage of online education.