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Administrator Certification and Recertification Classes Throughout California RCFE or ARF Administrators can easily locate the initial certification or recertification classes they need throughout California in the Care and Compliance Winter Class Schedule. Our latest catalog includes special year-end sale pricing for initial certification, live CEU classes and our popular 20 & 20 Program that allows Administrators …

New CEU Classes for 2017

New Continuing Education Classes For RCFE and ARF Administrators Are Here! Care and Compliance Group has four all-new CEU classes starting February, 2017* that you can register for right now. Watch the video, download the brochure, and then register for Administrator Recertification classes on Download Our Winter Sale Flyer With New Class Details

New CEU Class from CCG – Rising Resident Acuity

New 4 CEU Class Available for Registration In an effort to continue providing new, relevant and educational CEU courses for RCFE and ARF administrators, Care and Compliance Group is happy to announce the first of many new CEU classes that will be added to our 2016 course calendar – Rising Resident Acuity. This class is …

RCFE Classes Now Coincide With State Exam Dates

In an effort to better help future RCFE Administrators advance their careers, we’ve adjusted our RCFE Administrator Certification Classes to coincide as closely as possible with the Administrator Exam Schedule. This means class dates are now based on the California Department of Social Services exam schedule. New administrators in training will be able to take …

New LGBT Training Requirements

New laws in California (AB663) require training on cultural competency and sensitivity in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) issues for persons becoming certified as RCFE or ARF Administrators. This training is now required as part of the administrator certification course.

Can I require central storage of medications in my RCFE?

Medications in a RCFE must be secured at all times. They can either be stored behind lock and key in the resident’s room (when authorized) or in central storage under the control of authorized staff members.

Oxygen Equipment Requirements in an RCFE

It is not uncommon to retain a resident who requires supplemental oxygen administration. RCFE regulation 87618 outlines requirements for how the oxygen is to be administered (by the resident him/herself or a licensed medical professional), but it is important not to overlook the requirements outlined in the regulation, including those related to the actual oxygen …

RCFE First Aid Training Requirements

We are often asked about first aid training requirements in an RCFE. Regulation 87411 clearly requires first aid training for “staff providing care.” The RCFE Evaluator Manual provides clarification on who is exempt from first aid training requirements: 

Full Bed Rails for Hospice Residents in an RCFE

A regular Tuesday Tip reader recently asked, “Can a resident in an RCFE have full bed rails if he/she is receiving hospice services?” The short answer is yes. The use of bed rails is addressed in RCFE regulation 87608 which states:

Postural Supports in an RCFE

Special thanks to Kirk Miyake from Kokoro Assisted Living for this week’s Tuesday Tip. There may be times when a resident requires the use of a tray, soft tie, or other device to maintain body position and balance, or to improve mobility. RCFE regulation 87608 and CCL policy refer to these devices as postural supports …