Stay Current on Drug Information

From time to time we all have questions about medications. Questions like: What is a normal dose? Are there any dangerous side effects with this drug? Is it okay to take these different medications at the same time? Should this be taken with food? You should prepare resources for medication information before the questions arise. …

Do You Know Your Residents’ Drug Allergies?

Residents may have an allergy to a medication.  It is important to determine if a resident has drug allergies during the pre-admission appraisal process.  This information can be obtained from:

Criminal Clearance and Hospice Volunteers

In last week’s Tuesday Tip we clarified criminal clearance requirements for volunteers.  Pathways Home Health and Hospice sent us this important reminder that volunteers from a hospice agency are exempt from the criminal clearance process:

Volunteer Fingerprint Requirements

We frequently receive questions from our Tuesday Tip subscribers regarding fingerprinting requirements for volunteers.  Information on criminal clearance can be found in RCFE regulation 87355 and California Health and Safety Code Section 1569.17.

Do You Have a Bloodborne Pathogens Control Plan?

Assisted Living providers around the country are reporting increased scrutiny and audits by OSHA.  OSHA standards are comprehensive, affecting virtually every aspect of your Community’s operations.  One of the key OSHA standards to be aware of are the bloogborne pathogens regulations.

Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?”

Tip: Can a Nurse Practitioner Sign a “Physician’s Report?” A Tuesday Tip subscriber emailed us with the following question: “Can a nurse practitioner complete and sign the Physician’s Report?  Does the physician need to co-sign?”

Peer to Peer Medication Audits

Not signing off on medication assistance records (MAR) is a significant liability, compliance, and care concern. Have all medication staff audit records from the previous shift. 

Tracking and Trending Falls

We recently received the following question from a Tuesday Tip reader: “We are looking for…data collection and analysis tools providers have found that are useful on the prevention and reduction of falls with elderly patients. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”

Use of Window Restrictors

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed to ask us about installing window restrictor to prevent residents from eloping through a window: “What is your opinion of using window restrictors in dementia units to prevent elopement through windows?”

Is Assisted Living Tax Deductible?

It is that time of year; the time when we start gathering all of our financial information and meeting with our accountants to begin preparing our tax returns. It may be helpful to notify your residents and their responsible parties that in some circumstances the money they have paid for assisted living services may be …