Competency Checklists

Competency checklists are a great way to ensure the effectiveness of your training and provide critical documentation. They can be used for a variety of skills trainings, including ADLs, medication assistance, and more.

Click here for a free sample competency checklist from our Washington Direct Care training kit.

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  1. A resident returned from the hospital to a RCFE AL apartment after being treated for MRSA of the nares. The hospital did not reculture after treatment to see if the resident was negative or colonized. Should we as a facilty implement our isolation policy? Do we need to have the resident tested per regulations? What about the spouse?

    Thank You

  2. would like to get a free sample of the competency checklist.
    thank you very much.

  3. Anitra… This previous blog post gives more info on MRSA in an RCFE: As far as isolation, I would contact the physician immediately and follow his/her orders. You will need an exception if it is active MRSA.

    Brenda… There is a link to a sample checklist in the post above.

  4. is a demential resident alowed to be retained in RCFE when she requires her medications to be “fed” to her. I could not find anything in title 22.

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