Compliance with Federal Labor Laws

Assisted living and residential care providers must be in compliance with federal labor laws, including those that address workplace safety and employee wage and hour requirements. according to the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor, appropriate compensation to staff and what constitutes time worked are the requirements most misunderstood by employers. Here are resources for more information to help you stay in compliance:

6 Responses to “Compliance with Federal Labor Laws”

  1. It seems the Ca labor board doesn’t recognize federal labor laws. Which
    would be the basis, when there is a conflict, federal or state?

  2. So which minimum hourly wage law we follow. The Federal $7.25 or the CA $8.00

  3. Hello Victoria… California (and all states) must recognize federal labor laws. The federal laws form a basis for compliance that the state laws will add to. For example, the California minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage, so if you are in California, you would pay the higher amount..

  4. Edmund… Assuming you are in California, you would follow the state minimum wage.

  5. In California, in accordance with labor code would a private duty non-medical company be viewed as a Temporary Agency in regards to pay schedules? This is regards to whether we need to pay immediately once an assignment ends or if we can pay weekly.

  6. Hello Paul. This is a little outside my area of expertise, but I believe weekly pay schedules are acceptable for a private duty agency. You should confirm with a labor attorney to be certain.

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