The Do’s and Don’ts of Glove Use

Infection control is an important responsibility of everyone working in an assisted living community.  The use of gloves is one of the most basic components of your infection control program.  However, it is not just enough to wear gloves; you must use them correctly.  The CDC recommends following these important “do’s and don’ts”


  • Work from “clean to dirty”
  • Limit opportunities for “touch contamination” – protect yourself, others, and the environment
  • Change gloves during use if torn and when heavily soiled (even during use on the same resident)
  • Change gloves After use on each resident
  • Discard in appropriate receptacle


  • Don’t touch your face or adjust PPE with contaminated gloves
  • Don’t touch environmental surfaces except as necessary during resident care
  • Never wash or reuse disposable gloves

Click here for more information from the CDC on the use of personal protective equipment

One Response to “The Do’s and Don’ts of Glove Use”

  1. Hello; would you retain a resident just diagnosed with Hepatitis C who has a constant dermatological rash? She continually scratches herself and makes the rash bleed. Although she is relatively alert, she forgets to wash her hands and therefore probably has small quantities of blood under her fingernails.
    Staff is well-trained in universal precautions; however; I do worry about her spreading this. Licensing has advised a 30 day move-out notice.

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