Homemade Happiness

In the Assisted Living Setting, we want to create an environment where our residents can experience special moments that can bring joy to his/her life, while creating new and lasting memories.  Building relationships with each of our residents and encouraging friendships is an important step when trying to foster a sense of family within our Communities.  It is the job of each individual in our Community to create a “home-like” environment where bonds can be made, friendships can grow and moments can be shared and remembered.  This is the basis for Homemade Happiness, NCAL’s theme for  National Assisted Living Week for 2013.

With concentrated efforts and a relationship-first attitude, your Assisted Living Community can have the feel of a family, and can be warm and welcoming like a home.  It is the job of everyone in the Community to be friendly, cheerful and welcoming to each individual that live within the four walls of your residence.  Plan events that promote friendships, invite family members to attend outings or meals, encourage reminiscing amongst your residents to build friendship or join him/her for dinner to eat and have a pleasant conversation.

Think back to the most memorable moments of your life.  More than likely, you did not experience these moments by yourself.  You were probably sharing these life experiences with family or close friends.  Whether it was your family vacation to the Grand Canyon, or a road trip with your best friends during summer break your freshman year in college; sharing time with the people we love creates unforgettable memories that we cherish throughout our lives.  With this idea of Homemade Happiness, you can make Saturday’s Bingo game, this year’s Christmas party or next week’s dessert social a more meaningful and memorable event.

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  1. We focus so much thought and energy to creating culture change for our skilled nursing community, it is sometimes not as evident in other levels of care. But one of the things we do during the holidays is host a Christmas Eve get together. (For years we had the same volunteer who came and reminesced with residents but now didn’t want to do it any longer. It was difficult to find someone who didn’t have other commitments. So this past Christmas, I wasn’t going to be able to see my whole family, so my daughter and I were the hosts). After going around in a circle sharing Christmas past, we played the game where everyone brought a $5 wrapped gift. I brought a few extra ones, just in case, and they were used by forgetful residents. We had a lot of fun, learned a little more about each other, had some great treats. Everyone went home with a present. I’m sure I had at least as good of an evening as everyone else, and a very memorable one at that.

  2. Linda, thank you for sharing. This sounds like a very special celebration and is a perfect example of creating a home-like atmosphere. Holiday celebrations and family go hand-in-hand and planning special events like this can definitely increase the bond between residents, staff and family members.

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