The Magic of Music

There are few things that bring joy to a person’s life quite like music. Attending an evening concert, dressing up for the local symphony, singing Christmas Carols during the holiday season or playing the piano or guitar while at home – music can enhance any experience in life. The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) has announced its theme for this year’s Nation Assisted Living Week as “The Magic of Music”.

Bringing the magic of music to the residents in your Community can enhance your resident’s life experience and spread joy to everyone, from visitors to your day-to-day staff. Learn more about Movement and Music Activities for Caregivers – a DVD and workbook and training kit.

There are many different ways to bring music into your Community – here are a few ideas:

  • Plan an activity for your residents that involves playing percussive instruments. They can play along with a CD, or can just make up their own songs. Some instruments to bring: tambourine, bongos, maracas, shakers, etc. This activity utilizes the mind and body, and can definitely uplift your residents’ spirits.
  • Have a small concert in your Community. Depending on what your resident’s preference in music, you could have a string quartet come and do a short performance, or a folk duo or group come and do a 1-hour session (maybe one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Bonus: if the weather permits, do the concert outside and enjoy the melodies and the sunshine.
  • Invite a pianist to come and play in the lobby for a few hours at a time. This will create a calm and peaceful environment in the lobby or sitting area as people pass through, or they could stop and take time to enjoy the beautiful music.
  • Hire a mariachi band to come play in the dining room on Cinco de Mayo, which, of course, would feature several Mexican inspired menu items.

However you integrate music into your Community, it is highly encouraged that you make music a part of the day-to-day environment. Of course there are many more creative and innovative ways to incorporate music into your Community, just make sure you have a good idea of what your resident’s would like and make sure you advertise for maximum participation.

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