New requirement for training on Resident’s Rights

A new law goes into effect January 1st, 2015 that will adjust the training requirements for All Staff in an RCFE. The law states:

Assembly Bill No. 2171, 1569.267 (d): “The licensee shall provide initial and ongoing training for all members of its staff to ensure that residents’ rights are fully respected and implemented.”

Most of you have already been conducting resident’s rights training as part of orientation in your Communities for several years. The main difference is ongoing training mentioned in this bill. So now there will be a requirement for ongoing training for all staff regarding resident rights, to go along with the initial training.

It should also be noted that this requirement is for all staff members – kitchen, maintenance, caregivers, med techs, janitorial, etc. Each should receive the training as part of his/her orientation and ongoing.

The new law does not go into specifics like hours and how often (monthly? annually?), so use your best judgment when conducting the training. You should also keep records of the training – sign-in sheets, any quizzes or exams, certificates and other documentation to show that each employee has completed the training. If the training is not documented, it’s as if it never happened!

More info: bill_id=201320140AB2171

4 Responses to “New requirement for training on Resident’s Rights”

  1. Thanks C&C for the helpful information.
    Would anyone have some guidance as to how we should implement this law change? LIC 613C is already part of our admission packet, but licensing hasn’t updated that yet. Do we we keep using the old one?
    We can train our team on the new outlined “rights” but our admission packets have the old list. When and how do we change that? Or Is this a question for Robert Hahn?

  2. I have two very different templates for arbitration.
    One from my insurance co. (3 pgs) and one from an attorney who is also an administrator (6 pgs).
    I would love to have a third opinion since the two are so different.

  3. do you have an updated guidlines.
    Thank you

  4. If residents rights such as not letting a privious employee in to visit resident by their wish. If been step on who must be notify?

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