Tips for Families and Care Providers Living with Alzheimer’s

The holiday season is a wonderful chance to share time with friends and love ones. But for those families living with Alzheimer’s disease this can be a challenging time. The Alzheimer’s Association share some tips for families to prepare for a joyous holiday season through proper planning and adjusting expectations. This tips can be valuable for you and your staff as well.

  1. Adjust your expectations: It may be necessary to modify some traditions and events. The Alzheimer’s Association emphasizes the importance of giving yourself “permission to do only what you can reasonably manage.”
  2. Involve the person in activities: Whether wrapping gifts, setting the table, or helping to bake cookies, there are many holiday activities that persons with Alzheimer’s can participate in.
  3. Holidays in a care community: The Alzheimer’s Association encourages families to participate in holiday events and activities within the assisted living or residential care community. What opportunities have you provided to help families get involved?

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